The complete X-ray solution for every practice.

3d imaging machine

The ORTHOPHOS SL 3D is a genuine all-rounder X-ray device. From incredibly sharp 2D panoramic images with its DCS sensor and Sharp Layer Technology, to full 3D volume flexibility due to its selectable fields of view and easier, more secure patient positioning for the perfect image, the ORTHOPHOS SL 3D facilitates every practice workflow. Paired with SIDEXIS 4, it offers you even more options for your practice, allowing you to be more efficient than ever before.


Material all from one source.


All-ceramic restorations fabricated on Sirona’s CAD/CAM systems have proved themselves millions of times in clinical practice. To fulfill the highest standards in terms of quality and machinability we are continuously developing high-performance materials and accessories which are tailored to our design software and our CEREC milling units.

  • High-performance materials for maximum milling and precision requirements
  • Specific machining parameters
  • Unlimited compatibility with Sirona’s milling units
  • Materials are optimally compatible with the milling process for high-quality restorations
  • Direct material selection in the CEREC software

Restorations with CEREC

restorations with CEREC

CEREC® single-visit chairside restorations eliminate inconvenient impressions, messy materials, time-wasting temporaries, and unnecessary reduction of healthy tooth structure. CEREC offers patients the esthetics they want in just one visit, and reduces your overhead. With CEREC, you’ll eliminate the need for a second appointment, allowing you to treat more patients and generate more revenue for your practice.

Implantology with CEREC

Implant technology Implantology is one of the biggest growth areas in a dental practice. The CEREC system is the ideal way for you as a dentist to keep many processes – and their added value – in your own practice. Regardless of whether you fit implants or also implant them yourself. CEREC supports you.